ENSMA, Avenue Clément Ader, 86360

Foreign students

Welcome to all the futurs Ensmatiques!


It is well known that ENSMA is the school where everyone in the world wants to study, and the legends of the Kaârf cross all the borders. There are plenty of people of different nationalities studying in this beautiful school.



The Intern’asso’nal has been created for all the Ensmatiques in the world, to help us integrate better into the student life. We exist side by side with the BDE (Bureau Des Elèves) to ease the life of foreign students and to share and spread all our exotic cultures.

So, if you want to meet people from other countries, share and exchange experiences with them, discover other cultures and delightful meals, and why not, share yours, don’t hesitate to join us!


The best way to get to ENSMA is with a train from Paris to Poitiers. ENSMA is 30mins away from Poitiers’ railway station (bus Line #1).

Crous is one of the cheapest and more streamlined ways to get an accomodation, but it shouldn’t be extremely difficult to find something in town if you prefer that (but keep in mind that you’re 30 minutes away from Poitiers on the campus). Ask us for help if you are still hesitating !

Leboncoin.fr is an online market in which you may find both apartments and objects you need to fill them. The communication is mostly in French, but you get good prices! We will help you with the communication in that case.

Are you feeling lonely? Check out the student pub: Kaârf! It is located in the basement of the ENSMA building. Friendly staff and good prices on beer and coffee! You can also buy small snacks during breaks.

Auchan is close and it is easy to do your daily/weekly/monthly shopping. Auchan caddies are also useful for transporting goods and yourself! They also make handy furniture.

If you want to eat at the student’s cafeteria, be aware that you need to fill up an online account at izly.fr to be able to pay.

French people might seem as if they don’t want to talk to you, but they are truly nice and friendly people! Instigating contact when you are able to lead to many a pleasant surprise. And never let them saying “my English is bad” fool you…

The BDE, BDS and BDA are student organisations that take care of the social activities and student’s life in general. We exist as a support group to them, if you need to help establish contact, do not hesitate to ask!

ENSMA is a place where you can find all sorts of clubs (such as artistic clubs, modelism clubs, flying clubs, sports teams, …). They will be introduced to students during September, and there will be an inscription night: join as many as you want to!